Thank you for your interest in My Child’s ID, the quick, secure and convenient provider of children’s identification cards. My Child’s ID is the proactive approach to keeping children safe.

My Child’s ID provides:
On-site card production available the same day, no wait period. (No sending of information to a corporate location – invaluable in this age of identity theft)

Security: all of the child’s information is deleted (no information kept on file)

Convenience: it provides parents and caregivers with a convenient way to keep child’s pertinent information on hand and up-to-date

Card information includes: Photo, vital information such as height, weight, etc… as well as a digital fingerprint more

Cards are excellent keepsakes and are heavy plastic for durability

Thank you again for considering our services. We hope that we can work together to provide a safe, fast, and convenient way for parents/caregivers to be proactive in keeping their children safe. It is our mission to “Protect Precious People… One Child At A Time.”

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